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TUG Robots – Healthcare Benefits

TUG robots in healthcare perform the delivery and transportation tasks to free clinical and service staff to focus on patient care.

Hospitals move an immense amount of materials through hallways, on elevators, in basements and to patient units.  This is a complex and demanding internal logistics challenge that has implications on costs, quality and safety.

Automating delivery of this material generates considerable savings, efficiency and worker satisfaction.  Just look at what a typical 200 bed hospital moves on a weekly basis:

Challenges in Hospital Logistics

Value of robotic delivery in hospitals

 Hospital Construction

TUG Robots Can Help Hospitals in New ConstructionThe TUG autonomous mobile robot provides efficiency and safety advantages to hospitals who are expanding their facilities.

Learn more about how you can incorporate TUG into your hospital construction project.



The TUG autonomous mobile robot is able to serve a wide variety of departments.  Click on the image below for more information about a particular area of the hospital.


 TUGs Featured at UCSF



C|Net ran a story about UCSF’s implementation of 25 TUG autonomous mobile robots at their new Mission Bay hospital.  Watch the video

60 Minutes Feature

TUGs Featured on 60 Minutes

 CBS has aired their segment on robotics twice.  Click the video to watch the portion of their report discussing TUGs at El Camino Hospital.  Watch the video

Customer Presentation Keynote


Watch the Keynote presentation at RoboBusiness 2013 for an in-depth understanding of Aethon’s Intralogistics solution and how El Camino is utilizing 20 TUGs to automate material transport.  Watch Video Here.