More Than a Robot

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TUG’s capabilities have been proven at 140 hospitals where it travels and delivers materials efficiently and safely.  Generally, hospitals are busy places filled with patients, staff and equipment flowing and moving in unpredictable patterns.  Success in a hospital environment sets a very high bar for the product and TUG has proven itself as capable.   We have achieved success in this environment and recognize other industries have challenges related to internal logistics – or Intralogistics™.

TUG is an autonomous mobile material delivery and transportation robot that can be used to transport materials and supplies in a multitude of environments.  We are able to coordinate a fleet of TUG robots to all work in concert with one another as they perform their delivery and pickup tasks.

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 More Than a Robot


TUG rides elevatorsTUG leads the way in delivery and transporting materials autonomously, but more importantly, Aethon knows how to incorporate robotic automation into the internal logistics workflow.  Success in robotics is not an overnight phenomenon.  It is not enough to develop a robot if it cannot be seamlessly integrated into its environment. Our enabling technologies combined with our experience makes the TUG a viable logistics automation platform for a wide variety of businesses and industries.

For over a decade, Aethon has been at work developing and refining our robot, and all the while has patented the enabling technologies to make autonomous mobile robots safe, effective and efficient in real-world working environments.

Development of enabling technologies was done out of necessity and we have the experience and technology other organizations do not have.  TUG Robot Can Open DoorsThis allows us to implement practical and effective robotic logistics solutions in your workplace or facilityRobots need to respond to alarms

TUG can ride elevators, automatically open doors and respond to emergency conditions.