Command Center

With our patented Cloud Command Center, Aethon is able to remotely monitor, support and even control the autonomous mobile robots installed at customers..  At Aethon headquarters in Pittsburgh, PA we staff a command center 24/7/365.  We never take a break because we know the TUG autonomous mobile robots are working around the clock, too.  Every customer and every TUG receives this gold level of service.

With over 400 TUGs installed in 140 locations the TUG is extremely reliable.  Part of that reliability due to the fact TUGs around the world are in constant communication with the Pittsburgh-based command center.  Occasionally a TUG finds itself in a situation where it needs help due to the highly unpredictable nature of the hospital.  Rather than rely on our customers to address this, our proactive monitoring kicks in and we manage the TUG for our customers.

Algorithms monitor the status of each TUG in real-time and if the algorithms detect a TUG might need help an alert is sent to an on-duty support staff member.  They are able to connect to it over the internet using a secure VPN connection and can utilize the TUG’s on board sensors to assess the situation.  They can even manually drive the TUG and navigate it through the hospital if necessary.

For customer and technical support call  888-201-9522