TubeSafe puts an end to lost or missing doses delivered through your existing pneumatic tube system.

Track it.
Measure it.
Prove it.


MedEx TubeSafe is now provided by Inmar.


  • Eliminates missing doses that cause interruptions and waste

  • Ensures total chain-of-custody of medication deliveries through pneumatic tube systems

  • Confirms receipt of medications by nursing and generates compliance documentation

  • Easy for nursing to use and improves their workflow

  • Patent-pending security mechanisms


See It Work:

In The Pharmacy

On The Nursing Unit


End missing medication inquiries and wasted medication inventory.

TubeSafe works with your existing systems and processes.  It will immediately control medication deliveries and eliminate missing medication requests that drain the productivity of pharmacy and nursing.

In the Pharmacy:













  • User scans carrier bar code and medication going into carrier
  • Closes and locks carrier
  • Sends carrier through existing pneumatic tube system

Medication secured in carrier and delivery is time-stamped.

On The Nursing Unit:













  • Nurse swipes or presents proximity badge at receiving station
  • Places carrier below bar code reader; unlock code provided if user is authorized
  • Opens carrier and retrieves medications

Access granted and receipt of delivery is confirmed and recorded.

Comprehensive tracking

Medication Tracking Screen

Uses existing tube system


Simple for nursing to use