Pharmacy logistics

Aethon automates pharmacy logistics.

Manages 4 million doses per year.

By combining TUG robots in pharmacy with a comprehensive software suite, Aethon automates, secures and tracks medication deliveries ensuring efficiency, compliance and safety.



 logo-tug    TUG Robot in Pharmacy


The TUG robot in pharmacy delivers medications automatically from the pharmacy to the nursing unit.  It travels the hallways, rides elevators, opens doors and navigates obstacles to securely deliver medications to the nursing unit.  It secures and automates deliveries that are normally made through pneumatic tubes or manual couriers including controlled substances and refilling carts.

Videos of TUG in Action

Watch the short videos below to see how two of our customers are using TUG in their pharmacy operation to improve efficiency.


Pharmacy TUG at St. Elizabeth Hospital

Pharmacy TUG at Geisinger

If TUG is used with MedEx, complete chain-of-custody can be controlled and real-time delivery updates automated through the use of RFID.  Learn more about TUG…


logo-medex Managing Pharmacy Logistics

MedEx is a the most comprehensive software product for pharmacy logistics management.  It eliminates delayed, missing and divergent medication deliveries.  MedEx TubeSafe secures and tracks medication orders sent through standard pneumatic tube systems and ensures the correct nurse receives the medication while generating an easily accessible chain-of-custody record.  MedEx TraySafe automates the replenishment and compliance of pre-configured trays and kits.  It saves time in the restocking process and provides complete visibility to the medications distributed.

Learn more about MedEx.


TubeSafe_Nursing In-the-pharmacy