More Efficient Nurses, Happier Patients


Nursing efficiency increases with the introduction of Aethon TUG® and MedEx™. Industry statistics show that nurses may spend as much as 30% of their time away from the patient’s side because they are hunting down medications, supplies and lab results.

A recent working paper by Harvard Business School provides an in-depth discussion about the effects of internal logistics on the efficiency of nursing staff.

To hear from a nurse at University of Maryland Medical Center watch this presentation about their experience using the TUG.

Nurse with child patient in UK Accident and EmergencyFacilities using Aethon technology have experienced a significant increase in nursing and patient satisfaction. That’s because meds, meals, supplies and tests are arriving in a timely and accurate manner. Additionally, nurses have the ability to check on the status of a delivery. Knowing that it is en route on the elevator or just entered the unit eliminates calls to the pharmacy. Attention is re-focused on patients and their care.