MedEx™ MedSafe manages order preparation and courier delivery tracking and ensures chain-of-custody delivery

Track it.
Measure it.
Prove it.

MedEx is now provided by Inmar.

MedSafe Benefits

  • Checks technician preparation and provides electronic pharmacist verification

  • Eliminates missing doses

  • Tracks courier deliveries

  • Measures pharmacy productivity

  • Ensures compliance in delivery and turnaround time standards

  • Integrates with your existing IT system for order information

MedEx™ MedSafe manages order preparation and courier delivery tracking and ensures chain-of-custody delivery.  MedSafe allows pharmacy departments to electronically verify the preparation of medications by scanning the order and then the NDC code on the medication.  This ensures the correct medication is assigned to the order.


MedSafe NDC Checking and Medication Order Verifivation


Once verified, MedEx MedSafe keeps track of every medication as it is moved through the process of delivery until it has reached it’s final disposition.  This could be the hand off to a nurse, or the secure storage to a medication room location.



Chain of custody delivery of medications with MedEx MedSafe

All of this activity is recorded and kept track of in a database that can be accessed by pharmacy or nursing.  For nursing, they can access this information directly from within their EMR using a single click.  This helps prevent lost or delayed medications and unnecessary disruptions.

Real-time tracking of medication delivery from pharmacy to nursing


White Papers & Articles

Cost Savings Whitepaper

MedEx White Paper


Download the whitepaper quantifying the benefits of real-time medication tracking.  This white paper is published using the results of an independent 3rd party study by Shack & Tulloch based on the results at Mercy St. John’s Hospital in St. Louis.

Wall Street Journal Article

The impacts of missing or divergent mediation deliveries are discussed in this Wall Street Journal article.

Published Literature Review

This published article discusses the correlation between missing medications requests and reductions in patient safety due to increased interruptions and distractions in the pharmacy and nursing.  Published in Patient Safety & Quality Healthcare November 2013.