Improved Linen Management


With its patented, state-of-the art delivery technology, TUG® can reliably deliver linens to nursing units and easily navigate through hallways, doorways, elevators and narrow aisles to ensure safe, timely and accurate delivery. And with a weight capacity of 500 pounds, TUG is truly the housekeeping department workhorse, allowing for an almost unlimited delivery capacity.

Finding the right balance between maintaining adequate inventory and just-in-time delivery can be difficult and expensive. Costs associated with maintaining appropriate par levels and maintaining a reliable housekeeping staff is a continuous problem for hospitals. Aethon provides the housekeeping department with a technology driven delivery and retrieval solution that increases productivity, resulting in better service to departments, more staff time to focus on patient care. Scheduled and on-demand delivery of linens means housekeeping personnel will no longer need to leave the unit for linen supplies. As a result, staff can more quickly prepare rooms which can help the timing for patients waiting to be admitted from the ER.


Key Benefits SummaryCleanRoom


  • Optimal balance between storage space, inventory and delivery costs
  • Faster turnover of patient rooms by keeping  housekeeping personnel on the floors
  • Reduced employee physical fatigue
  • Easy access to linens when and where housekeeping technicians need them