Safer, More Reliable Lab Deliveries


pathologyspecimenThe central lab is crucial for efficiency, control and safety. However, transporting your specimens through the hospital to the lab can be a challenge from a safety, labor and turnaround time standpoint.  Labs deal with some of the most sensitive biomaterials within the hospital. Materials such as blood and urine samples require safe delivery in a timely and accurate manner. Yet many hospitals still rely on staff or tube systems to deliver these materials, reducing skilled staff time caring for patients and risking the possibility of breakage, leakage or even sample mismatch.

To see the TUG in action in the laboratory watch this brief 1 min video


Improves Efficiency & Safety

TUG frees up your clinical staff and technicians for patient care rather than transportation tasks. It eliminates the headaches and restrictions associated with pneumatic tube systems.  In addition, it may reduce the pre-analytic risks, such as hemolysis, associated with pneumatic tube transport.

Using biometric security and  unique pin codes ensures only authorized medical personnel add or remove specimens to the secured cabinet.  The robot can ride elevators and open secured doors as needed.  It doesn’t require bulky docking areas and can pull up directly to a laboratory bench to offload specimens.

Reliable & Secure Delivery

TUG®, Aethon’s autonomous mobile robot delivery system, securely transports test tubes of blood and other samples to the lab. TUG can be summoned with the simple touch of a screen and is the only autonomous robot system that can reliably navigate through hospital hallways, elevators, automatic doors and narrow corridors along with human traffic. Whether scheduled or on‑demand, deliveries are made when and where they are needed.

Ensuring secure delivery of specimens is a crucial requirement for hospitals. TUG puts administrators’ minds at ease by providing chain of custody security through a combination of biometric and pin code access.  Specimens are secured within the TUG and can be accessed only by authorized medical personnel.

Better than Tube Systems

With TUG, there is no risk of blood tube leakage or breakage, resulting in expensive and dangerous biohazard clean up and downtime. And unlike tube systems, TUG allows for delivery of multiple samples from the same collection location.  Lastly, it eliminates excess agitation which is often a concern with samples sent through the pneumatic tube system.


Key Benefits Summary


  • Faster specimen turnaround time and results, leading to more timely changes in treatment or discharge
  • More resources dedicated to patient care vs. deliveries, resulting in increased outcomes
  • Increased patient and employee satisfaction