What We Do

Aethon is the world leader in autonomous, self-driving delivery robots.  Our TUG robots have made over 2.5 million deliveries and have traveled over 2 million miles.  We are focused on automating the transportation and delivery tasks of materials within an organization.  We call this internal logistics process “intralogistics” and our TUG robots connect islands of automation in manufacturing operations.  Our product, TUG, automates intralogistics by autonomously transporting and delivering materials like raw materials, WIP, finished goods and can deliver to their immediate point of use.

Production Manager with TUGTUG in Distribution

Your Challenges

Moving material inside organizations is the “last mile” for logistics.  Material movement wastes significant resources and creates inefficiency.


Benefits of Automating Intralogistics with TUG

  • Reduce labor costs by eliminating the tasks related to material movement.  Automatically picks up and drops off carts.
  • Improve worker safety by eliminating the movement of heavy loads or repetitive strain
  • Create collaborative automation by connecting islands of automation as the TUG moves materials directly to where needed
  • Support LEAN manufacturing by eliminating material movement waste
  • Enable “Industry 4.0” automation through the integration of autonomous robotics and process flow

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TUG Delivers

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Robust Navigation & Locomotion

TUG has a robust navigation system with an omni-directional locomotion drivetrain.  This allows the TUG to navigate in ways other autonomous robots or AGVs cannot.  It is able to work alongside people and navigate around obstacles to ensure delivery is continuous and unimpeded.

TUG Navigation

Different than an AGV

There are differences between TUG and and AGV.

This chart summarizes some of the key distinctions.

Integrating Into Production Process & Facilities


The TUG and its enabling technology allow you to integrate it directly into your production workflow, building systems and IT systems.  It’s more than a robot. It allows you to connect islands of automation, provides a collaborative automation technology to assist your workforce, controls and responds to the facility and integrates to your existing MES system.



Delivery Methods:

The TUG is able to support a variety of delivery methods:

TUG Delivery Modes

Integration into Facility:

The TUG seamlessly integrates into your facility.  This enabling technology allows TUG to out-perform other transportation technology.

TUG Integration to Facility


Supporting Change & Process Improvement Initiatives


Supporting LEAN production

TUG supports Lean

TUG improves LEAN processes by addressing several “waste” areas:

  • Reducing inventory by streamlining material flow
  • Eliminating employee movement and material handing by delivering materials
  • Reducing wait time through more predictable material movement

Industry 4.0 Transformation

TUG and Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is a transformation of manufacturing processes and automation that unites sensors, information technology and robotics.  The TUG autonomous mobile robot is a proven “today” technology that will support the factory of tomorrow.


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