Fewer Missing Medications, More Efficient Delivery and Less Distraction


Aethon is the first and only company providing an Intralogistics™ automation platform for the pharmacy. Intralogistics is the transportation and tracking of materials inside an organization.  Our solutions provide tangible and measurable benefits to any hospital pharmacy:



    • Staff can concentrate on value-added patient care activities such as fulfilling more orders and improving turnaround time.
    • Safety is improved by eliminating telephone distractions and interruptions through real-time and online medication delivery tracking.
    • Improved efficiency allows clinical staff to devote more time to patient care.  Instead of reacting to gaps in the medication fulfillment process, they can work closely with nurses and patients to improve patient satisfaction with medication delivery.
    • Automated compliance tracking and reporting of medication distribution with complete history.
    • Performance of the pharmacy can be monitored and improved through reporting.


The complete platform includes the TUG autonomous mobile robot and MedEx, the real-time medication tracking software system.  Each component of the platform can be purchased separately but they seamlessly integrate when used together.  MedEx is a software system that tracks the preparation within the pharmacy and delivery of medications to the nursing unit whether sent through pneumatic tube, manual courier or the TUG robot.  The TUG autonomous robot automates, secures and tracks the physical delivery of medications.



MedEx is a web-based enterprise software system that provides real-time tracking information of the medication preparation and delivery process.  Through the use of standard bar coding, medications are tracked throughout the process with status updates visible to both pharmacy and nursing staffs on web-based dashboards.

We recently launched our newest product, TubeTrack™, which secures and provides real-time tracking of medications sent through your existing pneumatic tube system.  It is part of the overall MedEx suite for tracking medication deliveries.

Learn more about MedEx.


medex_photo3 TubeTrack Receiving Station



The TUG autonomous smart mobile robot delivers medications automatically from the pharmacy to the nursing unit.  It travels the hallways, rides elevators, opens doors and navigates obstacles to securely deliver medications to the nursing unit.  It secures and automates deliveries that are normally made through pneumatic tube or manual courier – including refilling carts.  If TUG is used with MedEx, complete chain-of-custody can be controlled and real-time delivery updates automated through the use of RFID.  Learn more about TUG…

medex_photo1 medex_photo2