Speedy Meal Delivery and Tray Return


Aethon’s TUG® provides automated, cost-effective delivery of meals to patient floors and return delivery of dirty trays to food services.

As more and more hospitals focus on programs to improve patient satisfaction, there is growing interest in adopting a room service model. However, this resource-intensive program requires a larger investment. The need for a cost-efficient, scheduled and on-demand food delivery solution is greater than ever.

What Do Food Service Directors Think About It?


Reading Hospital implemented a fleet of TUG robots to deliver food through their hospital and their new tower.  With the increased distances and additional rooms, the TUG has been instrumental in providing efficient food delivery services.  Read what they had to say in this article in Food Management magazine.   



UPMC DiningRegardless of when an order is placed, this automated robotic delivery system and its state-of-the art navigation technology can be summoned with the simple press of a computer key, to deliver meals in a timely and accurate manner. With delivery of meals left to Aethon’s technology, food services staff can spend more time managing dietary needs and interacting with patients, while nurses can focus on quality patient care, which leads to increased employee satisfaction and patient outcomes. In addition, TUG allows hospital and department administrators to better manage the number of full-time employee hours needed, resulting in positive ROI.

Empower your staff to make a difference with patients. TUG will do the rest.


Key Benefits SummaryServing Meals


  • Cost-efficient room service implementation
  • More time dedicated to patient care
  • Improved patient satisfaction and outcomes
  • Increased employee satisfaction
  • Increased operational ROI



Customer Testimonial

Watch Keynote Address by John Krolicki, VP of Facilities and Support Services at UPMC, and hear him explain how TUGs have helped UPMC improve efficiency and patient satisfaction.