A Safer, More Efficient Way to Manage Waste Removal


Aethon provides environmental services with automated, technology-driven waste removal through its TUG® autonomous mobile robot delivery system. TUG can transport scheduled and on-demand waste materials removal and is available for service 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Efficient, cost-effective waste and hazardous materials removal is critical to maintain a hospital’s sanitary health environment, manage infection control, as well as provide a positive image to its patients and staff. The traditional method of batching pickups is no longer adequate in today’s consumer-driven environment.

TUG provides significant FTE savings, allowing environmental services to run as cost-efficient as possible.  The reliability of TUG allows nursing staff to focus their time and energy on patient care instead of manually removing waste materials from their floor.

A specialized cart is sized to navigate through narrow hospital hallways and elevators while providing over 100 gallons of carrying capacity. The system also supports an automated dumping feature so the cart can empty without employee assistance, especially useful after hours.

Key Benefits SummaryAn Orderly Mopping The Floor In A Hospital Ward


  • Efficient, more frequent waste removal
  • Cleaner, clutter-free hospital environment
  • Enhanced patient care from properly allocated resources
  • Better patient experience and increased satisfaction
  • Increased storage space