Change Movement

Aethon is a leading provider of autonomous mobile robot technology. We have been changing how organizations move materials throughout their facilities for over 10 years. But who are we as company and what makes us tick? Watch to learn more.

Company Background

Aethon is best known for its TUG autonomous mobile delivery robot which transports medications, meals and materials through hospitals, manufacturing environments and hotels.  Our industry leading autonomous mobile robot automates and improve the material delivery and retrieval process.

We are passionate about automating internal logistics processes and we have the most experience developing and deploying robotic solutions for material handling.  

What’s in a Name?

Aethon (pronounced ā-thon) is taken from one of the four horses of ancient Greek mythology that pulls Helios’ chariot – the sun – across the sky each day. At Aethon, we also set our sights high, working to develop faster, smarter and more efficient ways to deliver materials. And, like our mythological horse, our products work 24 hours a day, every day, so you can reallocate and refocus your staff on more important tasks. For more information about how Aethon can help save your hospital, manufacturing facility or hotel time, resources, and money, please contact Aethon.