The TUG® smart autonomous mobile robot delivers goods and materials in the hospital 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  It is never sidetracked and is always available.  The TUG is able to deliver medications, lab specimens, food and linens, and remove trash and waste.

TUG also has applications outside of healthcare, such as in manufacturing, assembly, distribution and hospitality.



MedEx is a real-time medication delivery tracking software system.  A common complaint among nursing and pharmacy staff members is that medications fall into an unknown ‘black hole’ and go missing.  MedEx solves the problem of missing or lost medication deliveries, whether sent by manual courier, pneumatic tube or TUG autonomous mobile robot.


What is Intralogistics?

Aethon has created an intralogistics™ automation platform for hospitals. The platform automates the physical delivery and tracks materials movement within an organization through the use of autonomous mobile robots and delivery tracking software.  The management of the internal movement of materials and clinical supplies can be overlooked but is a large hidden cost and creates obstacles that hinder efficient patient care and operational efficiency.